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Senior Citizens: Target of Mail Scams. What You Can Do to Stop It

Posted by Cindy Brown  On 05-31-2016  Comments (1)

I review clients mail on a daily basis, the scams seem to increase weekly!

Be very careful, there are many "help wining the lottery" and "you've won a car" type mail that is targeted to senior communities! These companies send documents  that look official and checks that appear ready to be deposited at your bank. They are all junk! When you have to pay a fee, you are not going to win anything!


Fine print on the back show that you will receive a list of the lotteries and contests that are being held all over the world. That small print also tells you that you are not entering anything.


The small fee, ranging from $17 - $25, is all you need to send! STOP.  A true sweepstakes has no cost to enter! Once you send the first fee, you are immediately put on more mailing lists!  


This is what increases the mail volume, you are paying to have your name and address sold to more scams.


The checks look real, I have had clients present them to the bank, thinking they had won millions of dollars.  At Dedicated Care Always Nearby, we review and pull out the junk from the real mail, another benefit.

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Lisa Burns  on  Jul 22 2016 1:01 PM

So true. Thank you for this blog!

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