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The story of "Mary"

Posted by Cindy Brown  On 06-04-2016  

I truly love what Dedicated Care Always Nearby does to make Seniors lives better. We visit our clients on a weekly basis, allowing us to know the staff and administrators if the client is in a community.


I had an ALF Director approach me, on my way to visit a client, to tell me briefly about an unnamed resident. The resident, I'll call her Mary, had friends coming to visit her regularly and they seemed to be behaving oddly. She asked me if I could talk to the family about what we do.  


I spoke with the out of town family and was retained.  After seeing "Mary" a few times, I was contacted by the Dept. of Aging.


"Mary" had been exploited by "her friends", for $10's of thousands.  We met with the detective, reviewed her "possessions" and the case moved forward. The friends disappeared, confusing "Mary". They eventually were found guilty, however, the treasures were never recovered. The retribution was a joke! 


It's so sad that people feel that just because someone has entrusted them, it gives them freedom to take! This story started many years earlier. A nice couple, enjoying retirement, hired someone to help with household chores. When one got sick, and had to be moved to an ALF, they started to move in. The wonderful person that had been helping them, decided that the other person needed more help with paperwork and recommended someone else.


You can see where this is going - now there are two. When the other become ill and needed more assistance, he was moved far from the other.  


Now they were seperated! They took the information they had obtained, by "helping" and began a new lifestyle! With that lifestyle, became new wants, and more and more!!


This is unfortunately a true story.  This woman escaped from Germany as a young girl with her parents. The family jewelry was sewn into the hem of her dress. These people used it for their new lifestyle, while two elderly people were deprived of things. Things they saved for their entire life!


Yes, these bad people exist, and blend in.  Protect yourself, your assests and your loved ones! If you have a loved one in any type of a community - tell the administrators and all the staff, you must be called if they even think something looks out of order! Better to let them know and find out it was ok, then to wait and find out that it was worse than you ever could have imagined!



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